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A full-fledged spa day is definitely what this cosmic doctor ordered!

Aliza Kelly

Relax in the sauna, purify your pores with a facial, or treat yourself to an extra-fancy pedicure. Remember, your external shells reflect your internal experiences. If your mood needs adjusting, try modifying your habits—and vice versa. Journaling in the glow of a warm candle or taking some extra time to sleep will always be more rewarding than scrolling on Instagram. I promise. And, wait a second Hell yeah there is! On October 23, the Sun skips into Scorpio, kicking off your solar return.

HBD Scorpio love! From an astrological perspective, birthdays occur when the Sun in the sky connects with the Sun in your natal chart, resulting in ultimate illumination. Over the next few weeks, your glow will be especially radiant. This will amplify your magic, making it a wonderful day to set intentions for the year ahead. You are an extraordinary intuitive person, Scorpio babe, so embrace your inherent magick during the darkness of this velvety New Moon.

As the spookiest sign of the zodiac, you love Halloween. This year, you may want to avoid making mischief. Some of them are pretty high-octane, some are unrealistic, some are incredibly important.

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Take ownership for manifesting them in your life- no one else is going to make this stuff happen for you. Travel and adventure is the name of the game here.

What quest do you most wish to focus on next? Name it, and set off this month! The hopes you hold have not unfolded into real life, which sucks. But, fear not, because the space you clear by letting this all go will be swiftly filled by something or someone way better. Shift your gaze.

Be playing fair, by being gracious, you can get much further ahead than by other means. Assertiveness comes easily to you, but remember that what other people think and do is THEIR business.

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  6. All you can do is look after your side of the street, take the life lessons from the bad stuff, and move on with good intentions. Whatever leaves your life this October is making way for better things. Recognise false, fading and negative energies in your life, and release them, even if it hurts a bit.

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